Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is a holistic and complementary system of health, healing and well-being. It is a specialised field of Yoga and while there can still be benefits gained from a general group or private class, Yoga therapy conducted on a one to one basis looks at the individual’s unique set of circumstances to determine a practice that will address the needs of the whole person.

Yoga Therapy can be used for healing and transformation as well as a preventative tool for maintaining health and well-being. It can help to reduce symptoms, alleviate illness, manage disease and improve quality of life. While illness can manifest in many ways treating the individual holistically may also help to identify and address the cause.   

Yoga has many tools that can be adapted to suit the individuals unique and changing needs and works on the multiple layers of a person including physical, mental, emotional, energetic and behavioural.

Yoga therapy usually involves more than one session, the first session includes a consultation to discuss the care seekers needs, then a personalised practice is implemented for the care seeker to continue at home. Further sessions are used to re-evaluate the care seekers progress and re-evaluate the practice to suit their evolving needs. The timeframe of these sessions can be discussed and agreed upon with the care seeker.