Classes and Pricing

Groups Classes

These classes are small group classes that mainly focus on postures, breathing and some relaxation. All the postures and sequences are done with emphasis on linking the breath with the movement. All students are encouraged to work at their own level with variations offered to suit the individuals needs when required. All classes are for one hour.

Please refer to the timetable attachement on this page to see the different type of group classes offered and the days and times of classes.  

Private Classes - One on One (Regular & Therapeutic) 

These classes are for students who wish to work on a one to one basis.

  • Regular Private Class: This is a regular ongoing one on one class, normally weekly or at another agreed interval. This can be done at the studio or if prefered at the students home. This is for students who prefer to practice privately at a time that suits. These classes are designed to suit the general needs of the student. 
  • Therapeutic Private Classes: 
    • First Class - This involves an initial consultation to discuss the students needs and health concerns. Then a practice is designed and given to address these concerns. This practice is also given to the student so they can continue to practice daily at home for a period of time. 
    • Ongoing Classes - If required ongoing classes are scheduled for an agreed timeframe so the practice can be reviewed and adjusted to meet the students ongoing needs. This review could be weekly, monthly or some other arrangement that suits.      
  • Developing a Personal Practice: This is working with a student to develop a personal practice for the student to practice on their own at home on a daily basis. This differs from the therapeutic class above as it is more about students wanting to practice everyday for any reason such as developing a deeper connection and understanding of yoga or for general health and well-being. A short initial consultation is still required. While a personal practice will still address your indidviudal circumstances and help facilitate health and healing this will be a more general home practice rather then a focused therapeutic approach. The timeframe of changing the practice is up to the student.   

During the initial consultation for your Therapeutic Private Class we discuss your personal circumstances, your general physical, mental and emotional health as well as your specific concerns. We also look at your current lifestyle and other details including the length of time you can spent on your practice before designing a specific practice which you are taken through and then given at the end of the session to take with you. For further details about Yoga Therapy please visit the Yoga Therapy page on this website.

Corporate Classes

If you are a business, company, school or any group that would like to have Yoga or Meditation classes either regularly or just set number of classes please contact me to discuss further details. Corporate classes are conducted on your premises at a time suitable to you.

Small Private Classes

If you have a small private group that you would like to start a class please contact me to discuss what days and times would suit.This can be any time that best suits your group.       

* Please see pricing for all classes at the right side of this page.