Anxiety Effect

18th February 2019

Written by Kim Gamble

I didn’t realise I suffered from Anxiety until it manifested as panic attacks. They took me completely by surprise and initially I didn’t know what was happening. What followed was a complete breakdown. I was in a state of constant high alert. I couldn’t sleep, thoughts kept looping around and around. Initially I thought I was losing my mind. I was afraid to sleep because I thought I would wake up and be lost. My body was so alert, yet I was unable to do anything. It is the most uncomfortable and scary thing I have ever experienced, and I had no control over it.

Natural Medicine

3rd January, 2019
Written by Kim Gamble 

There seems to be a lot of different terminology used to describe natural medicine and it can get a little confusing, even finding a definition for natural medicine was not straightforward. I consider natural medicine to be treatment, therapies or natural substances that support and assist the body’s natural healing powers to treat or prevent ill health.